Soothing Gloves Relieve Arthritis

Arthritis gloves can help soothe your aching worn out hands. Made of the softest non-abrasive materials, these arthritis gloves have BIOflex® Medical Magnets stitched into the palms and fingers of the glove. These medical grade magnets cause an increase in local blood circulation, accelerating the body's natural healing process. The patented D-Tensioner straps align the hands into a straight position. Our hands are constantly in a C-shaped position, rarely do we ever hold them in a flat, straight position. Maintaining a healthy range of motion is key to keeping your hands flexible and free of pain. The D-Tensioner straps are completely adjustable; you can wear them comfortably no matter what your current level of range of motion is! Order your arthritis gloves and start relaxing your aches and pains away today!

“ hands used to be so stiff! These gloves help my hands stay loose, plump, and youthful!”- David M.

arthritis gloves

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